Social Media Marketing Case Study – Heather Fay Following Her Dream Using Google Plus

Heather FayA lot of commentators (and businesses) dismiss Google+ as a waste of time, with no real audience.

But I met one person – Heather Fay – who has not only managed to follow her dreams, but has built her fame and (hopefully) fortune using Google Plus.

And now, with this case study, you can learn how she did it. And get the inspiration you need to do the same with your dreams.

While Google+ isn’t anywhere as large or active as Facebook, Google+ is being seen as more of a niche player. And one niche that has seen fantastic growth, thanks to Google’s Hangouts, is the indie music scene.

What Is A Hangout?

Google Hangouts is a video service that allows you to host a “hangout” where anyone can join and watch you. It allows indie musicians, for example, to host small intimate performances for anyone who wants to listen. Growing their fan base along the way.

Introducing Heather Fay

One of these indie musicians is Heather Fay, and she agreed to answer a few of my questions about her success with Google+.

Q. You use a variety of social networks, but focus your energies on Google+, can you explain why?

[Heather] To be honest, as a musician, Google+ changed everything for me.

First of all, the level of engagement and interaction on G+ is incredibly unique and unlike anything I have experienced on other social networks. Then there’s the Hangout feature which is awesome. I can easily jump in a Hangout on G+ and play songs for a global audience. It’s amazing!

Because of Hangouts and the overall level of engagement on G+, I am able to truly connect with fans in meaningful ways. In fact, many of my fans have become good friends! My experience on Google+ has been incredible and it is without a doubt my “home”.

Q. You use Google+ Hangouts quite successfully – can you tell us how you got started with them and how useful they are?

[Heather] When I first joined Google+ I was amazed by the Hangout feature.

As a musician, I knew it would be a great platform to share my music and a way to reach potential fans but I also saw it as a potentially cool way to connect with other musicians around the world.

So, I had the idea to host an Open Mic Hangout as a way to share, not only my own music, but as a way to encourage my fellow musicians to connect and share their music as well.

So I cleaned out a corner of my basement, set up a makeshift studio and hosted what was, as far as I know, the first ever GLOBAL Open Mic. In that first Hangout we had musicians from all over the world share their music.

We passed the virtual microphone around and played music for each other all without leaving our homes! It was incredible!

That night I knew that Google+ was something truly unique.

I still do Open Mic Hangouts and Hangout Concerts and I am continually amazed at how my fan base has grown and how far-reaching my music has gone because of Google+. I’ve also been lucky enough to connect with and form friendships with musicians from all over the world which is wonderful.

Q. What was your biggest challenge starting out? And how did you overcome it?

[Heather] I have to admit, I am actually pretty shy…so jumping in Hangouts is never easy for me. That was (and is) probably my biggest challenge.

It took me a while to do that first Open Mic Hangout. I had to work up the nerves to do it but once I did, people were so receptive and encouraging and it was amazing.

Q. You are also a mother of two – how do you juggle your singing and raising a family?

[Heather] Oh my goodness, I’m not going to lie…it’s challenging!

It’s a lot of work and I am pretty much exhausted ALL the time but being a mom and a musician (and doing both well) is my dream. One of the reasons I love Google+ so much is because it makes juggling motherhood and music so much easier.

Before G+ I was really struggling with figuring out a way to build a career as a musician and get my music out into the world but still be home for my kids.

You know I’m not 20 years old, I’m not carefree, I can’t jump into a van and tour the country in hopes of building a fan base one show at a time. I have grown up responsibilities and I want to be home for my family.

Because of Hangouts and the On-Air feature, I can play music for people all over the world and build a global fan base from my home…without having to leave my kids for long stretches of time. I am extremely thankful to be living in a time of such incredible technology.

It certainly makes living my dreams easier!

Q. What advice would you give other people when it comes to using Google+?

[Heather] Engage and interact, post interesting content and don’t be afraid to jump in a Hangout!

What Can You Take From This?

Heather has found a way to combine her “regular” life of being a Mum, and following her dreams as a musician using Google+.

How can you do the same using social media?

A Big Thanks

I just wanted to take this time to thanks Heather for taking the time in answering my question. You can find her over on Google+, online, and you may be lucky enough to catch one of her Open Mic Sessions. You can also find her on YouTube and Twitter.

Want to achieve what Heather did? Let me help you with your dreams and ambitions by showing you the best way to start and develop your small or micro business. Let’s work together.


  1. Gordon says

    Google+ may not be as large as FaceBook but it's way more active, my stream is jumping and the people are fantastic.

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